PURO-CT 3 Oil/water separator

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The PURO-CT range of oil/water separators separates oil from condensate, generated by compressed air systems.

The PURO-CT achieves efficient separation of oil from condensate by means of directing the condensate through various separation stages.
As condensate flows in to the PURO-CT, the oil is filtered out through various filtration elements.

The PURO-CT uses adsorption filter materials, instead of a weir, to remove the bulk of the oil.

The life of  the PURO-CT first stage filtration element is determined by the amount of oil removed, not by the amount of condensate treated.

The PURO-CT carbon element is utilised only for final purification purposes and ensures that the targeted values of <10 ppm are achieved.

The professional design of the PURO-CT is incredibly compact and the elements are lightweight, maximising the ergonomic factors when carrying out routine maintenance.

Brass connection inserts ensure a secure fixing of the condensate inlets and outlet connections.


PURO-CT 3 feature 1

Powerful separating power, offering you a reliable separation of oil and water solution.

PURO-CT 3 feature 2

Test valve & sample bottle for output testing/measuring the ppm value (indication).

PURO-CT 3 feature 3

Small footprint, offering you installation flexibility.


Max. compressor capacity 3 m³/min. (125 CFM)
Max. oil adsorption 3 litres
Inlet connection 1/2", with 10 mm brass hose barb adapter
Outlet connection 1/2", with 14 mm brass hose barb adapter
Overflow indicator Yes
Target oil output value <10 ppm
Housing material PPC
Housing colour Grey
Lid colour Black
EPA Compliant Yes