LOCATOR-EV Ultrasonic air leak detector

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The LOCATOR-EV is light and easy to operate. 
The reliable and accurate detection capacity makes it a highly efficient air leak detector.

Air leak turbulence or friction produce high frequency ultrasonic waves and are normally higher than 20 kHz. This is typically above the range of human hearing levels.

The ultrasonic waves can travel in air and are highly directional. This directional aspect allows the LOCATOR-EV to isolate the ultrasonic sound amongst other external factory sounds.

The LOCATOR-EV will prove very useful in preventive maintenance, trouble shooting, quality control and diagnostic data collection on any compressed air system.


LOCATOR-EV feature 1

Leaks will be detected from a distance (up to 10 meters), no need for ladders etc.

LOCATOR-EV feature 2

Supplied in a hard case, offering protection of the equipment.

LOCATOR-EV feature 3

Professional headset included.


Construction Hand held ABS housing
Circuitry SMT/Solid state hybrid heterodyne receiver, ultrasonic processor
Frequency Response 36000 - 44000 Hz.
Indicator 10 Segment leak indication LED bar
Power 9 volt alkaline battery (included)
Headset Yes
Response time 300 mille seconds
Ambient operating temp. 10 - 60 °C
Relative humidity 10 - 95%
Weight 0.3 Kgs