DRAIN HEATER Anti-freezing device


In very cold temperatures, condensate may run the risk of freezing when it does not continuously flow through the system.
The DRAIN HEATER guarantees a continuous condensate flow in all systems where you have trouble keeping the condensate flowing due to extreme cold weathers.

The DRAIN HEATER can be installed on the KAPTIV-CS, MAGY and NUFORS-CR models. 

Please note; if the pipework leading up to and leading from the drain is insulated, then the drain will typically not require any anti-freezing device. JORC drains are produced from materials that will operate in extreme cold weather conditions. Often the desire to apply anti-freezing devices on drains is derived from situations wherein competitive product experiences have formed a mind-set.


DRAIN HEATER feature 1

The DRAIN HEATER applied on the MAGY.

DRAIN HEATER feature 2

The DRAIN HEATER applied on the KAPTIV-CS.

DRAIN HEATER feature 3

The DRAIN HEATER applied on the NUFORS-CR.


Voltage supply 230VAC or 115VAC
Power consumption 230V 0,5A
Power consumption 115V 1,1A
Max. pressure 30 Bar
Thread size 1/2" BSP or NPT
Hex. size 32mm
Cable length 2 meters
Housing material Brass and Stainless steel
Environmental protection IP65 (NEMA4)
Thermostat body <+5 °C ON / >+15 °C OFF
Thermostat head <+40 °C ON / >+65 °C OFF
Applicable temperature -25 °C / +5 °C
Appliance class 1 (earth)