FLUIDRAIN Electronic timer drain

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The FLUIDRAIN Timer Controlled Condensate Drain is a combination of a solenoid valve and an electronic timer designed to automatically remove condensate from compressed air systems.

The FLUIDRAIN is designed to remove condensate from compressors, compressed air dryers and receivers up to any size, type or manufacturer.

The FLUIDRAIN offers true installation simplicity and it is recognised as the most reliable and best performing condensate drain worldwide. The large orifice in the direct acting valve, combined with its sophisticated timer module ensure many years of trouble-free draining of condensate providing minimum service work is carried out.


FLUIDRAIN feature 1

High quality PCB components, offering you consistent quality.

FLUIDRAIN feature 2

Serviceable valve, offering you annual maintenance revenues.

FLUIDRAIN feature 3

Private labelling possible, offering you product personalisation.


Maximum compressor capacity Any size
Pressure range 0 - 16 bar (higher pressure available, see FLUIDRAIN-HP-S)
Supply voltage options 12 - 380 VAC/DC 50/60Hz. (please indicate)
Medium temperature 1 - 55 °C
Ambient temperature 1 - 55 °C
Timer cycle range (On / OFF) 0.5 - 10 seconds / 0.5 - 45 minutes
Timer PCB SMD technology, ensuring consistency in production
Timer cycle indication Bright LED illumination
TEST feature Yes
Valve type 2/2 way, direct acting
Valve orifice 4.5 mm
Valve seals FPM
Inlet/outlet connections 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ (BSP or NPT)
Inlet connection height 1 cm
Serviceable valve Yes
Valve housing material Brass (Stainless steel available)
Power connection DIN 43650-A
Environmental protection IP65 (NEMA4)