D-LUX-N/O Fail safe - (normally open) drain

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The D-LUX-N/O has a normally open valve construction, combined with our extreme low wattage coil (approximately 1 Watt).

We can offer you a "fail safe" timer drain that will automatically open in situations of power failure or power shutdown.

The standard version is rated up to 16 bar and is available in various voltages. The D-LUX-N/O is ideal for compressors, dryers, filters and all other components of a compressed air system that require a fail safe solution

The fail safe and low energy drain solution is available with a two week lead time.

The D-LUX timer offers you solutions for a wide range of applications due to its flexible programmability.


D-LUX-N/O feature 1

Bright digital illuminated cycle display, offering you a visual display of current operating cycle.

D-LUX-N/O feature 2

Digital processor, offering you exceptionally accurate cycle timing.

D-LUX-N/O feature 3

Equipped with a low energy drain solution


Maximum compressor capacity Any size
Pressure range 0 - 16 bar
Supply voltage options 12 - 230 VAC/DC 50/60Hz. (please indicate)
Medium temperature 1 - 55 °C
Ambient temperature 1 - 55 °C
Timer cycle range (On / OFF) 0,1 second to 99 hours (both ON and OFF)
Timer PCB SMD technology, ensuring consistency in production
Timer cycle indication Bright LED illumination, clear LED display
TEST feature Yes
Valve type 2/2 way, Normally Open
Coil operating power Approx. 1 Watt
Valve orifice 1.4 mm
Valve seals FPM
Inlet/outlet connections 1/4" (BSP or NPT)
Inlet connection height 1 cm
Serviceable valve Yes
Valve housing material Brass
Power connection DIN 43650-A
Environmental protection IP65 (NEMA4)