COMBO-D-LUX Digital timer drain with integrated strainer

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The COMBO-D-LUX feature is a digital timer setting applied on time controlled condensate drains designed to automatically remove condensate from compressed air systems.

The COMBO-D-LUX is designed to remove condensate from compressors, compressed air dryers and receivers up to any size, type or manufacturer.

The COMBO-D-LUX is an all-in-one digital timer drain with an integrated ball valve and strainer.
The unit offers true digital time cycle programming luxury ranging from milliseconds to 99 hours.


COMBO-D-LUX feature 1

Bright digital illuminated cycle display, offering you a visual display of current operating cycle.

COMBO-D-LUX feature 2

Digital processor, offering you exceptionally accurate cycle timing.

COMBO-D-LUX feature 3

Integrated mesh strainer, offering valve and orifice protection from larger particles found in condensate.


Maximum compressor capacity Any size
Pressure range 0 - 16 bar (higher pressure available, see FLUIDRAIN-HP-S)
Supply voltage options 12 - 230 VAC/DC 50/60Hz. (please indicate)
Medium temperature 1 - 55 °C
Ambient temperature 1 - 55 °C
Timer cycle range (On / OFF) 0,01 second to 99 hours (both ON and OFF)
Timer PCB SMD technology, ensuring consistency in production
Timer cycle indication Bright LED illumination, clear LED display
TEST feature Yes
Valve type 2/2 way, direct acting
Valve orifice 4 mm
Valve seals FPM
Inlet/outlet connections 1/4" & 1/2″ (BSP or NPT) / 1/2" (BSP or NPT)
Inlet connection height 1 cm
Serviceable valve Yes
Valve housing material Brass (Stainless steel available, see FLUIDRAIN)
Power connection DIN 43650-A
Environmental protection IP65 (NEMA4)