PURO MINI Oil/water separator

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The PURO MINI separates oil from condensate, generated by compressed air systems. The PURO MINI uses a specially designed polypropylene filter, instead of a weir, to remove the bulk of the oil and any type of condensate drain may be applied.

The PURO MINI covers all compressor capacities up to 3,5 m³/min. (125 CFM).

The separation method of the PURO MINI is based on adsorption of the oil in the condensate by the special polypropylene element. The separation process is completed by the active carbon element that removes the last bit of oil from the condensate.


PURO MINI feature 1

Compact design.

PURO MINI feature 2

Supplied complete - install and go!

PURO MINI feature 3

Optional mounting bracket available.


Max. compressor capacity 3,5 m³/min. (125 CFM)
Max. oil adsorption in the elements 3 litres
High performance white element 1
Activated carbon element 1
Inlet connection 1/2"
Outlet connection 1/2"
TEST valve Yes
Housing material PE
Housing colour Black
Lid colour Grey
TEST kit included Yes
Target oil residue output value <10 ppm
Inlet and outlet hose pipe connectors Included
Mineral lubricants Yes
Synthetic lubricants Yes
Stabile condensate emulsions Special elements available
Polyglycol Special elements available