KAPTIV-MD Electronic zero air loss condensate drain

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The KAPTIV-MD is a zero air loss drain designed for smaller compressed air applications.

The KAPTIV-MD incorporates the reliable JORC direct acting valve assembly with FPM seals, offering a pressure range of 0 to 16 bar (up to 230 psi).

The solid and robust aluminium housing design has also been incorporated in to this model, following suite with the larger KAPTIV models.

With an inlet connection height of only 74 mm this is an incredibly compact solution with unrivaled installation versatility and reliability.

The weight of the KAPTIV-MD is only 0.5 kg!

The maximum compressor capacity of this drain is 10 m3/min (350 CFM) and typical draining applications include fridge dryers and filters - mainly due to its incredible compact size. The KAPTIV-MD can be applied in oil lubricated as well as oil-free applications.



KAPTIV-MD feature 1

Incredibly compact!

KAPTIV-MD feature 2

Integrated mesh filter.

KAPTIV-MD feature 3

Side inlet adapter optionally available.


Max. compressor capacity 10 m³/min. (350 CFM)
Max. drainage capacity 45 liters condensate per hour at 16 bar
Min./max. system pressure 0 - 16 bar (0 - 230 psi)
Min./Max. medium temperature 1 - 50 °C (34 - 122 °F)
Min./Max. ambient temperature 1 - 50 °C (34 - 122 °F)
Supply voltage options 230VAC / 115VAC / 24VAC / 24VDC
Enclosure protection rating IP65 (NEMA4)
Connector type (power and alarm) DIN 43650-B
Inlet connections 1/2″ BSP or NPT
Inlet height 74 mm
Side inlet adapter Yes, optional
Outlet connection 1/4″ BSP, with brass hose barb adapter
Valve type 2/2 way, direct acting
Valve orifice 2 mm
Valve seals FPM
Serviceable valve Yes
Integrated mesh strainer Yes
Housing material Corrosion resistant aluminium, EP coating
Test feature Yes
Visual alarm Yes, LED indication