KAPTIV-CS-HP Electronic zero air loss drain up to 50 bar

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The KAPTIV-CS-HP is a compact electronically operated level sensed condensate drain which offers zero air-loss during the condensate discharge cycle for applications up to 50 bar.

The KAPTIV-CS-HP is cost effective and offers a rapid pay-back period due to a competitive pricing level, low stocking cost, zero air-loss and energy saving aspects.

The KAPTIV-CS-HP can be installed in all compressed air system components up to 100 m³/min. regardless size and climate zone – only 1 model needed!

The robust industrial housing, the alarm feature and the 2/2 way direct acting valve assembly make the KAPTIV-CS-HP a Reliable solution for all compressed air system applications.

The KAPTIV-CS-HP offers an integrated mesh strainer (to prevent large particles from entering the valve orifice), is easy to disassemble and is service friendly.


KAPTIV-CS-HP feature 1

Robust aluminium housing with three inlet options, offering you installation flexibility.

KAPTIV-CS-HP feature 2

Integrated mesh strainer to protect the valve from clogging.

KAPTIV-CS-HP feature 3

Extremely easy to disassemble, offering you maintenance speed and simplicity.


Maximum compressor capacity 100 m³/min.
Pressure range 0 - 50 bar
Valve type 2/2 way, direct acting
Valve orifice 1.8 mm
Valve seals FPM
Inlet connections 1/2″ (BSP or NPT), 3 inlet options
Inlet height 11 cm (top) and 7.5 & 1.5 cm (side)
Outlet connection 1/4″ BSP
Medium temperature 1 - 50 °C
Ambient temperature 1 - 50 °C
Supply voltage options 230VAC / 115VAC / 24VAC / 24VDC
Power and alarm connectors DIN 43650-B
Serviceable valve Yes
TEST feature Yes
Environmental protection IP65 (NEMA4)
Integrated mesh strainer Yes
Alarm feature type Contact output switch (voltage free) available in two versions: A1 and A2

= Normally open contacts, closed when in alarm phase. LED on the drain is OFF when in operation and ON when in alarm mode.
A2 = Normally closed contacts, open when in alarm phase. LED on the drain is ON when in operation and OFF when in alarm mode.
Housing material Corrosion resistant aluminium