Warner-LT Condensate management warning system


The WARNER-LT is a condensate management warning system. When condensate management products require maintenance, the WARNER-LT contacts the maintenance engineer via signaling lights.

Condensate management plays a vital role in creating and maintaining a reliable compressed air system.

Compressed air systems may incorporate electronic zero air-loss drains with an alarm feature (KAPTIV) and oil/water separators with element indicating features (SEPREMIUM).

The WARNER-LT signals a maintenance opportunity through the various light changes. Maintenance opportunities could be:



The WARNER-LT takes away the guess-work of whether the condensate management system is operating according to expectation.

The maintenance engineer can respond immediately and will never again have to miss a maintenance opportunity, or lose the deal to a competitor.



Supply voltage 115VAC or 230VAC 50/60Hz.
Maximum consumption 7.5 W (start-up, 4* active JORC sensors, all outputs ON)
Operating temperature -40 to +60 °C
Indicators LED, signal tower
Inputs 4, contact or open collector (inductive sensor), active opened or closed (dip switch input settings)
Outputs  4, relay output ON/OFF
Switching capability max. per output 240VAC or 220VDC, 5A, 1250VA, 120W
Switching capability min. per output 5V, 100mA
Environmental protection IP65 (NEMA4)
Housing material ABS
WARNER-LT kit content WARNER-LT box
Signal tower
Two (2) sensors